Injectaclad is a sealant primarily made up of acrylic.

It is a graphite sealant which is most commonly used to reinforce fire resistance walls and floors. Developed by leading fire protection experts, this new material can easily be used to repair as well as strengthen the fire resistant properties of your building by filling in voids which would allow fire and smoke to pass through. This is particularly important on compartment lines of buildings.

One of the main benefits of this option of passive fire remediation is that the Injectaclad product has been specifically designed to cause as little disruption as possible to the buildings and residents during the works.

The injectable element means that application is possible by just removing small sections of the façade (as little as 2 bricks every 2m) and using the injectaclad “sock” to form a linear cavity fire barrier. The Injectaclad substance can then be pumped into a cavity with ease, filling up the cavity and then allowing you to replace the removed façade materials.

The Injectaclad system has been tested with a wide range of wall build ups which means that we have the accreditation to back the application of the product on a number of buildings.

With the current demand for fire remediation to high rise buildings, the Injectaclad solution offers a significantly more cost and time efficient way of remediating buildings than traditional methods.

You can even use it in occupied buildings since it causes minimal disruption.

The Injectaclad system has a proven record of being accepted by fire engineers which means that by working with KDD and Injectaclad for this form of remediation, you will receive your EWS1 and PAS9980 survey sign off.

Get in touch with KDD Construction if you’re interested in Injectaclad retrofit fire barriers for your building.